Teladoc and HealthiestYou Services:

Finally some good news for part-time, 1099 employees or all your employees.  With as few as two employees enrolled they are now eligible for Teladoc that gives you access to quality medical care 24/7/365. 

By getting on your phone, computer, or smart phone you can access a physician 24/7/365 that can provide General Health, Dermatology, and even Behavioral Health services.

The prices vary for groups of 2-99 employees enrolled. It can be as low as $6.25 per employee per month for the traditional Teladoc service, to $9.00 per employee per month for the HealthiestYou component.  This price includes spouses and children as well.  

This can be helpful for part-time and 1099 employees who cannot afford insurance.  Now they will have access to a doctor by facetime who can call in a prescription for strep, flu, pink eye, etc., with no additional co-pay or cost for that visit.  It is not only beneficial in getting your employees well and back to work, but it is also good for them.

The value to you, the employer, is increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

You will find this program easy to enroll in and highly acceptable to your employees.

Top 5 Reasons we visit ER or Urgent Care:

  • Allergies

  • Bronchitis

  • Sinusitis

  • Earache

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • All reasons to call Teladoc – free

Teledoc Provides:  ($0 consult fee):

  • 24 x 7 Unlimited Doctor Access

  • Prescription sent to pharmacy of your choice

  • Network of doctors ready to treat any family member

  • Access by app or telephone


Healthiestyou Core provides: ($0 consult fee)

  • 24/7 doctor consult

  • Prescription savings with access to up to 85% savings on RX

  • Shop and Price procedures

  • Locate providers

  • Health Management Content

  • Sync Medical Benefits

  • Support from dedicated client service rep to drive engagement, education and utilization of the benefit within your employee population

  • Also provides Behavioral Health, Dermatology, and back issues at co-pay prices.  The Healthiestyou Complete Plan offers these same add-ons at zero co-pay (call for quote). The $0 co-pay component of these benefits allows one to get connected to a psychiatrist, psychologist or Behavioral Health therapist at $0 co-pay, which is huge!  This Complete Plan is also a popular product.

For individuals not on a group plan, pricing is $11-15.
Voluntary Individual & Family:  Plan may be purchased individually, or as a voluntary product, not through an employer.

To enroll: follow these links

Group: Please click on the far right on the tab “request a quote”

Individual: Please follow the link to enroll on this tab