Self-funding creates an evaluation process that gives a changed view of provided services. For instance, there are under-utilized medical care facilities which provide excellent patient care at a price usually 30% less than current PPO pricing.

By presenting low cost providers in a way that makes your employees seek them out for the best value in health care, we save them money and give them preferred care. In addition to PPO access, utilization review (confirmation of plan coverage of certain procedures), and precertification,  we also provide tools like the Health Care Blue Book for pricing services, and apps like Teladoc and HealthiestYou, which connect the patient to medical information including quick diagnoses from a qualified doctor, and can provide bundled pricing for certain procedures. Also, we have partnered with some of the best Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in the country to provide the confidence of claim handling for our client needs.

We have access to such prestigious carriers as American National, U.S. Fire, Nationwide, Companion, Lloyd’s of London, PartnerRe, Zurich, Swiss Re, Tokyo Marine and QBE. Using our resources and assured planning we believe we are best positioned in the region for creating a stop-loss plan for you.  

For your employee prescription plan we prefer Medalist and Genscripts for the most affordable prices with the convenient choice of mail delivery or local pharmacy fill at locations across the nation.

By combining resources, tools, convenience and cost savings we will create an efficient and cost-effective health plan for your employees.


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